Google changes has been a pain in the a** for many of us trying to understand them.
Now the latest change has gone and changed the whole enchilada again.

35% of the internet browsers world has now been undergoing some major changes.

Google has understood that social searches is “da bomb”, and in particulary news stories deserve to appear higher up on the ranking. This is pretty understandable… You want to read about todays match between La Lakers and Chicago Bulls if you Google it… Not the one for 10 years ago EVEN though it was epic.

People trust Twitter on news as number 1.
This is the most realtime it gets.

Facebook is number 2.

And then The Allmighty Google wants in…

What Google does, is to be smart… They want to be the best browser, that provides us users with THE BEST and MOST RELEVANT result when we type.. This is a logicacal turn for them.

What we users get is the best possible result.

For now…

What “sniperbloggers” will feel is less focus on regular SEO.

It’s time to get social.

What does it mean to be social?

First off we need to focus on News. We need to provide news to our readers.
After we have gotten news we need to let people know.
Here is RSS and Twitter and Facebok our best pals at this moment.

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Starting out on a new site?
You might wanna check out if there are news available for it. Got to Google Alerts and type in your particular search term and let it run for a week. What we do is to sign up our first search term. Then let it go for a week. Also we narrow down our search with some related keywords that may get less results but are absolutely useable as site foundation.
You need your alerts to provide you with at least two causes per day.

If you get alot of results then you have a winner and can go further with your planning.
Picking a relevant search term is key. You should take our advice here and not proceed unless you have a lot of news for one of the terms.

Thanks for reading our story of the Google changes.


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