Google Updated

Hey follks. The day needed to come where EXACT MATCH DOMAINS got the finger from the Google executives. Exact match domains has been an easy way to rank in Google for way too long without quality checks. We know it because we use it. Sadly for some of our sites, not sure how many, the day … [Read more...]

The New Google Order

SEO - AND, the Death of it... (Also known as "The New Google Order") Today I am writing about something so new it hasn't even happened yet. You may or may not have heard anything of it. Truth is that there are a lot of rumors out there about Google and SEO and the changes that happened in … [Read more...]

Google Is Too Smart For Link Networks

Hey there. This very long awaited post is now here. In it we will cover how Google was DE-INDEXING link networks. AND we will cover our Christmas project Work On The Sofa. But first... Google. About 6 months ago or more there were been rumors about how Google was de-indexing link networks … [Read more...]

Google Change – New SEO

HI EVERYONE. Google has just released their new blogpost where they announce the birth of the Social Factor Ranking which is THE NEW SEO. You can read all about it here: This ultimately changes strategies for over all of … [Read more...]

2012 Predictions

Hey guys and gals. Just thought I should write a short post on what 2012 is bringing. If you have a website you need to go mobile NOW. There has never been a better time to do so either. Google has released a cool site called - That site is were you go to look at your … [Read more...]


Google changes has been a pain in the a** for many of us trying to understand them. Now the latest change has gone and changed the whole enchilada again. 35% of the internet browsers world has now been undergoing some major changes. Google has understood that social searches is "da bomb", and … [Read more...]

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