Get Good SEO Agency Introduction

This is the official Get Good SEO Agency Introduction from Rune Ellingsen: – THIS SITE, has been a blog and a learning domain for yours truly for a number of years.
Then, it went silent as the focus of the one man show went to another site.
And another…

Long story short, this site is back on track to become a full blown agency website you can rely on for your SEO efforts as a business.

What you can expect:

Reports – done for you.
Submissions- done for you.
Traffic done – for you.
Ranking done – for you.

WITH a bold guarantee of change for the better at a very competetive price,(more details coming soon) which makes us the best option for your successful SEO campaigns.


Many small and medium sized businesses are struggling with Google.

They start a business and do some SEO, but rarely enough.
Also the knowledge of the technical aspect of SEO is not there for new business owners on a regular basis.
It takes a lot of work,hours and a lot of focus on this specialized task of getting your site visible and ranking with traffic in Google.

We have seen this as challenge and want to extend our services as there are too many sites that never ever rank before they give up the “G ladder” chase.
This can be heartbreaking and we want to help out as we are fortunate enough to have been in the same position as a new website owner today is in.
We recognize the pain.

We are fed up of seeing business owner after business owner quit their dream of an online presence after having spent hours upon hours on outdated rehashed SEO mumbo jumbo.

The story:
Yours truly started this blog.
Then made it rank.
Then found out the hard way that more needed to be done to keep ranking and Google changes forced the old techniques to the trash.

Found other areas to focus on
Used SEO as base on most sites I developed.

Now, years later, we want to give back.

I have armed this site with a staff ready to take your orders and help you with precision and guarantees.
So you have nothing to worry about if you are looking for SEO help… You have found it.

This site will not operate as a blog but as a service providing agency in as little as two weeks time from now.
Date today is 14th of July 2016.

We are here to ensure your success with your online presence and to help you grow.

More coming very very soon.

Until then.


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